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How to dress fuller thighs

In our shape advice clinic you’ll find practical tricks and tips on how to make the most of your curves. A little expert knowledge along with some clever styling can work wonders when it comes to flaunting your figure.

Editor: Gabi van Rey

Between the hips and knees you’ll find the area that can frustrate a lot of women. While some ladies love showing off their curvy thighs, others can feel a little self-conscious. If you fall into the later bracket, don’t fret, here’s our styling tricks to cleverly streamline them in seconds.

Clever cuts

A-line dresses and skirts can work wonders when it comes to flattering your thighs. The flared cut is perfect for skimming over your bottom half, while drawing the focus to your waist.

Pencil skirts in bandage and thick jersey fabrics are also great for streamlining your thighs, just avoid embellished styles which can make you look wider.

Items designed for your upper can also be very beneficial, with pieces like open cut jackets and waistcoats providing extra coverage in the targeted area.

The right trouser shape

Bootcut jeans and straight cut trousers naturally balance out proportions due to their flared and straight silhouettes. The bonus is they tend to be more comfortable to wear over slim fit styles too.

Boyfriend jeans are another style that really flatter larger thighs, thanks to to their loose and flattering width, making them a great off-duty go-to, also harem pants.

Shorts, too – not a problem. If you like to show your knees, calves and ankles, the Bermuda length is your alternative to hot pants.

Wide cut trousers or culottes with their typical flared, wide leg shape are ideal for curvy thighs. A little extra tip, which also applies to skirts: If you wear shoes with heels they will visually lengthen your legs.

Fabric & patterns

Keep in mind bright colours highlight and dark colours disguise, similarly, glossy finishes add emphasis more than matte. So for the thigh area go for dark and matte rather than bold and shiny. Vertical stripes, narrow pleats (such as creases in trousers) or dividing seams all have a stretching effect. Dark washes in jeans have a slimming effect too.

With patterns, it strongly depends on the cut, whether they tend to emphasise or advantageously detract attention. Matching your bottoms to your shoes is a subtle way to visually stretch your legs.

Dresses and skirts in floaty fabrics like chiffon and silk that drape over your silhouette are flattering choices, while solid fabrics such as jacquard or brocade cut to an A-line structure are ideal for skimming over the thighs.

Divert the attention upwards

An easy way to distract attention away from your thighs is to shift the focus to your upper body. You can do this by opting for shirts, tops and blouses with ruffles, asymmetric cut-outs, shoulder pads or bold patterns. They will also help balance out your proportions.

Lightweight, long line A-line blouses with dipped, double layer or asymmetric hemlines will complement your hips and derriere, while V-necklines stretch the upper body and making your figure appear slimmer.

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